Choosing the right town and neighborhood

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Choosing the Right Neighborhood - Have you considered?

In addition to the typical considerations when buying a home - property values, schools and commuting distance - there are other things to think about to find the place that will make you happy!

· Active community and lots to do – While some people prefer a quiet life in the country, others prefer more interaction and local happenings. If you are that person consider this when choosing a neighborhood. Does the community have farmer’s markets, art galleries, music venues, children activities, restaurants, shops and community events?

· Pet-Friendly - Look for places with lots of green space, dog parks, and pet-friendly establishments. Many allow your furry friends to join you inside shops and restaurants.

·  Architectural or Historic Areas – There are many locations with wonderful and unique historical districts. This can be an inspiring experience but also has its share of limitations and rules so make sure you are up to speed on town/city ordinances.

· Nature– For nature lovers, living near green spaces, conservation land and outdoor recreational opportunities can be important. There are wonderful areas and neighborhoods in close proximity to community parks, trails, bike paths, farms, ponds and lakes.

· Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Communities – If environmental sustainability is important to you, then look for communities that offer these types of amenities -  communal gardens, farm shares, bike lanes, and renewable energy initiatives.

Choosing the right town and neighborhood is about more than just property values and school systems. Think about your desired lifestyle to make sure that the community and neighborhood meets your needs.